Maid Service

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Daily Housekeeping & Maid Service provided at no extra charge.*

Christian Francis’ Refined, Subtle, & Unobtrusive Service Pledge:  Staff/Guest Ratio: 3:2

We believe that most people want their privacy without giving up the ease and relaxation of a 5 star quality accommodation.  We have done everything possible so that you may have the least amount of questions when you are staying with us.  We have left no stone unturned to make each and every amenity easy to use, uncomplicated, accessible and enticing.  Our goal is to have the least amount of intrusion of hotel staff into your private space while delivering subtle, refined, and unobtrusive service with highly trained staff, customized to the nuances of of each booking, not readily available at vacation rentals or typical hotels.  At Christian Francis we want you to feel at once like you’ve left the hectic pace and stress behind without leaving the comfort of a place called home. 
*A daily fee may apply to special rates and/or extended stay.