Private Rooftop Oceanview Terrace w/ Jacuzzi

Private Rooftop Oceanview Terrace w/ Jacuzzi2019-04-29T16:24:25+00:00

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We have created the perfect heaven for relaxing and calm that is decidedly sophisticated and refined.  The approach is delicate and exquisitely detailed for each and every guest to capture all the nuances of an ultra luxurious experience.  Light the almond spice candle, scent your Jacuzzi with the fragrance of woodsy rose, and refresh and renew with a Rooftop Terrace deep massage therapy. ©


Sole Penthouse in enclave & South Beach w/ the above 2 miles of expansive South East Ocean Front View.
One-of-a-Kind Private Ocean Front Rooftop Terrace w/ 4 person Jacuzzi encased in a Rose Garden, 4 Person Dining, Butler Door, Wetbar, & Outdoor Music System.
No Other South Beach Suite offers this harmony of Extra Private Ocean Front Feature w/ Muguet du Bois, Beauty & Ambiance, 5 Star Quality Amenities, Furnishings & Service, Convenient & Prestigious Location.

Do Not Fall for Bait & Switch.  Actual Photos of the Premier and Sole Presidential South East Corner Penthouse: PH 09.

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