Unsurpassed Hygiene and Service

Unsurpassed Hygiene and Service2019-04-29T16:31:13+00:00

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Hotel suites often swim in a sea of bacteria.  Christian Francis’ cleaning crew and caretakers are trained in the highest hygiene standards.  Each section of the suite, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room, rooftop terrace and jacuzzi is cleaned distinctly and separately on a daily basis or as needed with their own exclusive sectional products.  Great care is taken to avoid product cross contact and transfer between each section of the suite.  Paper towels and/or sponges used in one section cannot be used in another.  

Absolutely each and every single linen, sheet, towel, are changed, cleaned, and double rinsed with organic soap and hydrogen peroxide to kill any and all bacteria which may exist.

Each and every glass top, tables, and chairs are cleaned and organically disinfected between each and every guest and in addition on a daily basis as necessary.  

All plates, cups, glasses, and silverware are cleaned and spotless in the highest hygiene standards with organic soaps.  

We do these things not because if we don’t you will notice, but because your needs, your comfort, is our number one priority and to host you is a privilege which we do not take for granted.